We’re always happy to sing our own praises; luckily, we don’t have to very often. Meurice Garment Care consistently receives fantastic client testimonials all over the web. Here are some of our favorites, but please, feel free to see feedback we’ve earned on Yelp, CitySearch, and Google.

I come into the University Place location quite a bit for tailoring. I'd like to let management know that Bernie is an absolute asset to the company and the specific reason why I continue to use Meurice for all my tailoring. His level of service and care is extraordinary.

· Joel Haney

The general manager of your store on University Place is one of the most pleasant customer service representatives I have ever come across in any industry. He recognized me on only my second visit to the store and is warm, personable and always willing to go the extra mile to make your experience the best it can be.

I would recommend you to any of my friends looking for quality service.

· Chris C

The best dry cleaner in town. Pricey but they've saved so many garments other cleaners couldn't.

· Cassandra N

The manager on duty was superb: knowledgeable, courteous, precise, patient. He walked me through the strategies and approaches for cleaning a Chinese silk sash covered in theater makeup.

I felt as if I were consulting an excellent doctor. I felt very confident I was in the right place.

· K Semple

Last December my mother passed away. I got engaged the very same day.

While it was bittersweet, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to incorporate my mother into my wedding. I planned to wear the dress she was married in. When I opened the box it had been in, it was a nice shade of brown. Not exactly the wedding white I was going for. I found Meurice through reviews and read about their process of restoring gowns.

When I brought the dress in Marc said they would take good care of it. Parting with it was hard but he put me at ease. When I went back, the dress was white, gorgeous and again, bittersweet. My mom would have been proud to see me in it. After the tailor did a few changes, I went to pick it up and my friends at Meurice bought us a beautiful gift, amazing.

I trust Meurice Garment Care and Marc with everything now. I not only felt beautiful on my wedding day, I feel great every time I get something done there. They are professional, attentive, trust worthy and really good at what they do.

· Rachel

I don't know the customer service rep's name but she is a young woman at the store on East 57th Street. I've brought in several very sentimental pieces of clothing -- one was a velvet coat that's more than 55 years old and belonged to my mother.

It was just amazing how she inspected it and recognized a couple of very small tears and helped me decide whether or not to have them repaired. She also listened patiently to my story about the coat and why it's so special to me. So, I hope you'll know who this is and thank her again for me.

· Lena T

Worth every penny. Staff is smart and friendly... Refreshing!

· Emma S

The manager at the University Place location is very helpful. He is very polite and very easy to talk to... He has a great presence in the store and always has a smile.... Thanks Bernie!

· Chantel D