Eco Care

Dry Cleaning isn't peaches; it's not agriculture. And Dry Cleaners, whether they're labeled "organic" or not, won't be showing up at your local farmer's market any time soon.

So what's with the "organic" dry cleaner that just popped up on your block? Are you going to have to switch to that guy, to maintain your commitment to a greener lifestyle? Well, as with all of our other services, there's Meurice and then there's everyone else.

No, Meurice isn't jumping on the "green" bandwagon by slapping the "organic" label on everything we do. Meurice does care about the environment, the safety of our customers and our employees, and always has. In fact, Meurice Garment Care has been recognized for years by agencies and organizations, including the EPA, for our commitment to safe and responsible cleaning. We share your environmental values and want to make sure you know about it.

Meurice doesn't cut corners with your clothing, your fine linens, or anything else. The same goes for our processes in our plant.

We offer a broad spectrum of EPA-preferred cleaning processes, including wet-cleaning.

We use the newest, most energy-efficient equipment available.

Our newly remodeled plant offers an abundance of natural lighting via skylights. Skylights offer healthy, natural light for our employees and also cutback our energy usage.

We use the safest, most environmentally responsible systems to deal with the byproducts of our work.

We recycle everything, even our hangers!

So what does this mean to you? It means you can feel good--heck, you should feel great--about using Meurice. We're shrinking our carbon footprint faster than you can say "Manolo Blahnik."

At Meurice, we've always prided ourselves on being different than everyone else. And in this new Green Revolution, we're different too. These other guys--the "organic" guys--they're still figuring this stuff out. Meurice has been using the Eco-Care system for almost two decades.

Need a little more reassurance? "I use the Eco-Care process on my own children's clothes," says Meurice President Wayne Edelman. "If it's safe enough for them, I promise it's safe enough for you."


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