Seasonal Clothing Storage

In New York City, closet space may be tight, but when has that stopped a splurge on a seasonal piece? Don’t despair - we’ll help you reclaim your closet space. When the time comes to transition to or from a summer or winter wardrobe, we’ll pick last season up, clean it, and stash it safe from moths, mildew, dust and sunlight. Think of us a vacation home for your clothes.

If you need more flexible additional closet space, we’ve partnered with Garde Robe, who provide an incredibly convenient valet service with unlimited closet space.  Garde Robe has created something they call virtual closet view. Their innovative website allows you to easily view and search your wardrobe from anywhere, worldwide. All the items are professionally photographed, neatly cataloged, and searchable.

When you need a garment or accessory, they’ll deliver any article from their loft within a narrow time span. There are exclusive concessions available to Meurice clients - contact Doug Greenberg at [email protected] or 212-255-3163.


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